Changing the cycle of homelessness seems like an overwhelming task, but it is very achievable if we work together to be part of the solution. You can be involved by either donating to The Shack, supporting a rider, or paying (or helping someone else pay) for rider registration.

Thank you so much for your great generosity! Any amount you donate (outside of the registration amount) is eligible for a tax deduction, with funds going to Nu-Road Welfare Incorporated. We will email you a tax receipt.

If you’re having any issues donating, please contact us.

Please note that all donations and registrations are non-refundable

Important note: The payment screen will ask you for a state and zip code. As long as you make sure you’ve picked your country as Australia, you can enter any value into the post code.. ENTER any american STATE (our payment gateway is assuming you’re in the US or Canada by default!).

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